Dealing With Rude People Essay

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Effective Comebacks When Dealing with Rude People

Joel Osteen said that you should always have a smile on your face when someone is rude with you. You will remove their power when you keep your joy and stay on the high road. People can often have a love hate relationship with their spouses, family members, friends and bosses. Some individuals can be very sweet and have loving intentions towards you, but the next minute they can start offending you and make you so angry that you would want to said bad things and react pretty negatively. You temper can be really set off by questions like why you don’t have a job yet, have you gained weight or when will you find a partner if you allow it. People often say things without thinking and this can cause a big trouble if the person they are talking to becomes offended by their words. You have the right to speak your mind and defend yourself when someone offends you. However, you can find another way to react and express your opinions and feelings without being rude or negative. It can be quite hard to find a proper comeback when dealing with rude people, especially if those people are your work superiors. The following comeback can help you find a way out when your boss does not care
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These two simple words show that you are mature enough and tells the person that offended you that you were not affected by his rude words. When you say thank you, you are choosing the reaction that is between getting angry and ignoring the person that offended you. When you say thank you, it usually means that you are acknowledging the person’s thoughtfulness and reacting to it. However, in case of an offense, you are acknowledging the person’s rudeness, but your choice is not to react and allow his rudeness to affect you negatively. These magical words will shut down the person that offended you and show him that you were not affected by the
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