Essay On Death In Hamlet

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Death is a common tragedy used in stories; from B.C. to now, movies, books and even songs are based on death. This may convey the impression of emotions being dark or dreary, but it seems to be a fan favorite, not only among adults, but children. In Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, the story is based around death, and the same could be said for The Lion King, but it is the audience that separates how deep or complex the story line can be. In the story written by Shakespeare, King Hamlet is not in the story line at all because he was murdered before the story began. This tactic makes it difficult to get a feel for the story and how hard it was for Hamlet and Gertrude to lose King Hamlet. While Hamlet was grieving and trying to get over…show more content…
Eventually, Nala and Simba meet again in a romantic scene that draws the characters back to one another. Nala and Simba seem to be a happy family at the end of The Lion King when they are seen together, watching Rafiki hold their cub in the air over Pride Land. But by the end of Hamlet, neither Hamlet or Ophelia are casted. Because of the younger targeted audience for The Lion King, it is reasonable to keep Nala from committing suicide like Ophelia, something that children do not understand nor should they have to learn to understand for a movie. Ophelia’s death is used to cause a rise in the emotions felt by the audience that understands the heartbreak of Ophelia’s death, the reason she died, and the way it had an impact on Hamlet. Despite the differences in the stories, they are very similar. Not only did the uncle murder his brother in both stories, but the sons, wives and lovers were all nearly identical. Both Hamlet and Simba were looking for revenge for their fathers’ deaths; the king’s brother took reign; the lovers were left depressed and sorrowful. On the other hand, Mufasa was casted through most of the movie and king Hamlet had already been murdered for two months before the story began; Hamlet’s mother married his uncle, Simba’s did not; Ophelia committed suicide from depression, Nala did
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