Essay On Childhood Cancer Decision Making

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Childhood cancer is the cancers that occur in children younger than 18 years. Although cancer is uncommon in children, it is has been classified the leading cause of death in children, despite the advances in the treatment of cancer. There are no known causes of childhood cancer, and it occurs across all ethnic groups; moreover, some children are even born with cancer. A diagnosis of childhood cancer is a shock for family and child; it produces major emotional distress, and affects children and family life balance. The known nature of cancer, being as life-threatening disease, as well as risks associated with treatment, makes decision making process stressful and difficult. According to Whitney et al., 2006, clinical decision making for children with serious illness such as cancer has a significant challenge for physicians, parents, and patients, and it is…show more content…
While, parents or guardians are authorized, to decide for treatment for minor patients, however, medical decisions must be based on the child’s best interest, such treatment effectiveness, possibilities of additional suffering from side effects, and overall prognosis. Furthermore, healthcare professionals and related ethical issues can affect also decision making in childhood cancer. Accordingly, this paper aims to discuss number of key themes related to decision making in pediatric oncology; physician’s role in decision making in childhood cancer; parents’ participation in treatment decisions and the factors that might affect their decisions; parent’s view of participation of child in clinical trials. Following this, I will look at particular aspects with ethical dilemmas: refuse of treatment, do not resuscitate (DNR) in children, and end-of-life care for children. Finally I will offer own thoughts and hypothesis about

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