Essay On Decriminalize Drugs

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Since Burlington, Vermont is such a beautiful and peaceful place to live, it is shocking to learn how much drug use is going on around me. Vermont has always had a history of illegal drug abuse and crime that has negatively affected people in the state and has caused a lot of chaos. Many people have tried to stop the use of drugs among Vermont citizens, but it has become such a wide spread problem that it is difficult to put an end to, and it remains an issue today. People who are supposed to be trustworthy and professional have recently been involved with the drug chain, including landlords, which has caused an increase in police involvement. In the article, “Seize Them! Testing a New Weapon in Rutland's Drug War”, Mark Davis discusses the ongoing issue …show more content…

Many people have different views on whether or not marijuana, among other drugs, should be decriminalized. One benefit of making drugs legal in Vermont, would be the ability to free inmates who have been charged with a drug-related crime. This would make the jails less populated, meaning less government spending towards these prisons and more on other important problems. Many people are concerned with making drugs legal, because these free inmates could commit more crimes once they are released. In another article by Davis called, “Vermont's Prison Chief Says It's Time to Decriminalize Drug Possession”, he brings up the issue of drug addicts needing help instead of punishment. The Vermont Department of Corrections Commissioner, Andy Pallito, says, “there aren't enough drug-treatment providers to handle the effects of such a switch” (Davis 1). Instead of locking these people up for drug addiction, Pallito is trying to solve the problem by helping these people get healthier and become better citizens. There are good and bad things related to this debate over drugs and there has not been a change in the

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