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What are the Defensive Driving Procedures for School Bus Drivers?
Meta description: School bus driving is a challenging and risky concern. Let 's check out the defensive driving procedures for school bus drivers, which aids them to elude adverse situations
Defensive driving skills comprise practices that assist the drivers to drive the vehicle through challenging conditions. Consequently, it is essential for the school bus drivers, especially due to varied reasons. However, they need to wade through constantly varying conditions of weather and circumstances and have a responsibility to safely transport the most vulnerable group of people, the students.
Meanwhile, these skills include driving in harsh weather conditions like rain, low visibility due to fog, etc. as well as driving skills
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A flat tire? Tire blow out?
These are situations, which warrant considerable sense to stop the vehicle at a slower pace towards the sides of the road away from the ongoing traffic. Regularly check the tires and maintain them with proper pressure. The damage to tires must be instantly considered and informed to authorities for rectification. Bulging tires should be avoided. At the same time, hold your hands properly on the steering wheel.
Often during tire blow outs, vehicle control is lost and you can even lose your fingers and hands trying to control the steering wheel during such situations. Don’t apply the brakes forcefully in such instances. A roll over can be avoided. Apply a little acceleration and then slow down with the application of spring brake. Service brakes should be avoided since it can cause rolling over. And lastly, don’t forget to carry a properly inflated spare tire, which can assist you in an emergency.
6. Utilize mirrors properly
Be sure to adjust the mirrors properly before taking the vehicle out in the mornings for picking up students. Also, be aware of the areas that each mirror covers so that the driver can check on the vicinity of the bus at all
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