Essay On Defensive Handwashing

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The first line of defense against germs is simply washing our hands. We wash our hands for many different reasons, but the main reason is to wash off all the bacteria and viruses that have ended up on our hands through the things we’ve touched. We can pick up germs from anywhere, you can pick them up from touching animals, using the restroom, touching your nose, and from even just using a keyboard that someone else has used before. Those are just some ways that you can pick up germs though our daily lives. Defensive handwashing is key to fighting germs and bacteria. Defensive handwashing is when you wash your hands after touching something that has been or is contaminated by germs or harmful bacteria. For example, you would use defensive handwashing after you just used the restroom to get all the germs off your hands after using the bathroom, you would also use it after you just touched money, because money always has a bunch of germs and bacteria on it and the majority of people don’t wash their hands after touching money. There is a proper way to wash your hands. The proper way to wash your hands will get all the harmful bacteria and germs off of your hands. The first step to washing your hands is to use warm water, but not hot or cold …show more content…

There are many ways to avoid touching the dirty handle again you could grab a paper towel and turn it off or you could turn it off using your elbow, these are both viable options to turning the handle off without getting germs back on your hands. But in reality the germs will mostly end back up on your hand, you will touch something that is contaminated and your hands are now dirty. That is why it is always a good idea to carry hand sanitizer around with you, so you can clean your hands before you

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