Essay On Biodegradable Plastics

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Biologically Degradable Plastics
In today’s consumerism driven world, plastics have been advancing as a basic necessity for different elements in our society, whether it be food packaging or automobile manufacturing. Plastics have enclosed our mindsets by providing a useful and efficient material for multipurpose use, but although of all these advantages, plastics lag behind with a major disadvantage of its raw material. In today’s world, plastics are manufactured from petrochemicals, which are extracted from fossil fuels or reservoirs of fuel. But these raw materials are one of the most common examples of non-renewable resources, signifying the lack of excess to sustain and manufacture plastics for lifetime. Therefore, the dependency of the human race on plastics cannot be changed because of the efficiency and usefulness, but the raw source of this can be changed to natural renewable sources that can last forever, or grown forever to manufacture plastics. Recycling plastics seem a modern and efficient way of decomposing plastics, but forms huge landfills and solid waste that cannot be dissolved or evaporated into today’s already polluted air.

Fuel and oil are the present known raw materials for manufacturing plastics. Oil is both used as long chains of polymers to manufacture
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But, natural degradable polymers require the presence of water with high temperatures to degrade, and plastics are rarely used up at 150 to 180 degree Celsius that the temperature resistant issue restricts their production. In addition to this, modern technological breakthroughs have found ways to increase the maximum temperature resistance of plastics, such as in the case of PLA plastics. The polymer is briefly exposed to gamma irradiation allowing for greater heat resistance. A similar process is currently used and approved by the Food and Drug Administration to extend the shelf life of
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