Essay On Dehumanization In Night

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Dehumanization The world has shown different ways dehumanization can be inflicted upon others throughout our history. Dehumanization includes treating a ‘lesser’ group of people inhumanely, usually based on their faith or ethnicity, which can lead to racism and racial isolation. The targeted groups are belittled, marginalized, and excluded from anyone else seen superior. The dehumanization the Jews underwent during the Holocaust was shocking. They were seen as ‘underdeveloped’ or ‘not as evolved’ by the German army. In Elie Wiesel’s book Night, published in 1956, he tells of the many events he experienced going in and out of the camps. These events broke down their morals and rid them of their humanity in ways which can only be described as disturbing.…show more content…
When Moishe is taken away from the town of Sighet, he returns only to described the horrific series of murders he witnessed. Saying in detail how German officers would use babies as target practice for the machine guns, family members were killed in front of other members, and of the father who plead to be killed before his son. The other Jews did not believe his stories, until the German army arrived at their town. The army took their rights away slowly, which prompted the Jews to change emotionally. Eventually they stopped being seen as human, as they were prohibited to go to restaurants or cafes. When they arrived at the first camp, Elie and his family were separated. Throughout the novel, Elie tells of the extreme measures he goes through just to stay with his father. His father is the reason why Elie keeps going and has a desire to live. During the years of the holocaust, many people were surrounded by death constantly. Everyone became desensitized by the amount of people they lost, they ceased to feel any form of sorrow. No one even bothered to feel anger or hatred toward their captors by the end of the
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