Essay On Democracy In America

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In “We’re a Republic” by, America is described as being a republic, but that we are slowly moving towards democracy. Even in The Pledge of Allegiance it states that the USA is a republic. A republic is one in which people choose the representatives. These representatives then make decisions for the people. Democracy can also be seen in the United States through voting in some states. Although I see the USA a republic, I can also see how it can be democracy, too. The USA is more of a republic in that we elect representatives to make decisions on behalf of all of the people. Yet in some instances the people choose directly what decisions are going to be made. I agree with the article when it states that citizens today are no better…show more content…
Instead he questions the type of government we really have. He says that because of the Electoral College, checking photo IDs and other suppressions tactics prevent America from being a democracy. In some aspects I agree because out votes really don’t mean a whole lot on certain things. Also requiring certain things to be able to vote takes away the “free” voting and equal votes of the people. He also says we are not a republic because the elected representatives don’t rule in our favor, but in the favor for corporations and billionaires. Wealthy corporations and people have more rights over the average person. This in turn causes legislation to be written in their favor for their own interests. Myers believes we are turning into a Plutocracy which is the rule by the wealthy. This seems true in some aspects, but it is not always the case. People and corporations with money do have more say and control than the average person, but not all representatives are only in favor of the wealthy. A Theocracy is rule by a religious authority. This completely goes against the countries stance on freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Many recent events have crossed those lines. Religious beliefs should NEVER be a basis for laws and
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