Essay On Good Governance In Democracy

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POLITICAL SCIENCE PROJECT ON GOOD GOVERNANCE AND CRISIS IN DEMOCRACY SUBMITTED BY SHASHANK KHARE ( B.A. LLB) - 43 KUMAR SIDDHARTH (B.A. LLB) - 22 TABEL ON CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Since the dawn of political thought the question ‘Who should rule?’ has been a recurrent issue of argument and debate in this world, a world where everyone is trying to out to run over the other and it is almost impossible to keep in view the needs and wants of an individual, it is a Government that acts as a welfare institution which keep in mind the needs and wants of every single person that comes under its scope of governance. And a government is most effective when it is an elected one, and a Democratic Government provides its citizens to elect its own government. But every system has some flaws in it and after some time condition of crisis arises and so is the condition of democracy in the world today. The mechanism of a democratic nation is undergoing some malfunctions due to numerous reasons and almost every nation on this planet Earth is facing this problem. But every malfunction can be cured with proper diagnosis. And so…show more content…
As a form of government it means that the legal power in the communities vested in the people as a whole and the rule belongs to the majority in the electorate in communities which act by voting. Democracy also signifies a way of life. It is principle of the action of the human spirit, the principle that free spirits in the area of social and political actions of individual life should freely guide themselves to freely determined ends. It is also a system of institution, operative in a political community which enables the principle to be realized and serves as the means of its
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