Essay On Democratic Governance

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The concept of democratic governance and its elements In the modern world, we hear very often about the concepts of good governance and democratic governance. Governance is described in various manners and is related to different domains, weather it is the internet, school, city, or business governance. The concept of good governance has been approached for many decades by the governments of nation states as well as international organizations. Good governance was primarily presented by the World Bank as a requirement, at a national level, in order to facilitate the development reforms (Haldenwang 2004). (in cartea E-Government for Good Governance ) For the World Bank, good governance is “epitomized by predictable, open and enlightened policy…show more content…
The concept of democratic governance combines elements “of a political regime in which citizens hold the right to govern themselves (democracy) with structures and mechanisms that are used to manage public affairs according to accepted rules and procedures (governance)” (Brinkerhoff 2000) Brinkerhoff, Derick W. 2000. Democratic Governance and Sectoral Policy Reform: Tracing Linkages and Exploring Synergies. World Development 28 (4): 601-15. Democratic governance is still a poor defined concept, that is often used as an equivalent for the term “good governance” characterized by the principles such as the rule of law, citizen’s participation, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness, and equitable service delivery (Agere 2000). After having an overview regarding good and democratic governance, in the following sections this research is going to highlight the three most important dimensions or elements of democratic governance for our case-study, which are: transparency, accountability and
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