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Cause and Effect of Democratic Leadership Style From the moment human was born and live as a society, a leader is required in order to act as a guide line as well as to control people. Until today, a leader is needed in everywhere such as a country, military forces, a company, or even in a small team for sports or any other activities. There are many type of leadership style such as autocratic, democratic, democratic and Laissez-faire. Democratic, also known as participative leadership, is the most common leadership style in government and in a company nowadays. Democracy promotes an idea which all people should be treated fairly and equally. Since most heavy responsibility falls on a leader like decision-making and guiding his employees,…show more content…
When the leader is willing to listen to his subordinates, this means that they may get some negative feedback from them. However, the leader is not going to ignore that negative feedback, he listen and he consider. When he found out that he really make mistakes or doing the wrong things, he willing to make some changes. For instances, when his employees is complaining about the company facilities, ha will apply changes so that his employees working in better environment. A democratic leader not only respect workers opinions but also clients. They try their best to maintain good relationship with workers and employees. As results, the company can get more clients as well as the employees are willing to work hard for the development of the…show more content…
Having a democratic leader means that the leader will have the respect of his subordinate which makes them work harder for the leader as well as for the company development. However, it does not mean that democratic leadership skill is effective and suitable to use in any condition or organisation, the leader will still have to change their leadership style when they are in different position, role and condition to guide their subordinates

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