Essay On Democratic Party

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What are the Democratic party 's views on Second Amendment gun control, the electoral college, and civil rights for ethnic and racial minorities? The Democratic party, being the older of the two main parties, has many different ideas and philosophies than the Republican party. This party 's platform had evolved and elevated itself over the years after the battered United States needed to form a stable government and decide how to lead following the bloody revolution. As the United States progressed, the parties did too. But ever since, the two primary sides have debated over whose beliefs are more reliable for the country. The Democratic theories are more suitable for today 's America, and although citizens and politicians of the United…show more content…
By allowing citizens to bear arms, there have been thousands of deaths in the United States. On average, there are nearly twelve thousand gun homicides a year in the U.S. Following that, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that on an average day, ninety-three Americans die by guns. A simple solution to America 's unique gun dilemma would be sensible gun regulation. The Democratic party 's views are reasonable enough to grasp, although the proposition offends Republican citizens. By having gun control in the states, suicides, homicides, and overall violence could decrease drastically. Citizens would no longer have to fear walking the streets alone at night or anything of that sort, or unarmed citizens getting shot by other citizens. The people of the States, tourists, and visitors will feel safer and more secure going about their days knowing there is a gun control act in place and although this will not stop all gun-related violence, this will decrease it. The safety of the People is more important than the violent and life-threatening American tradition. To ensure that guns don 't fall into the wrong hands, background and photo I.D checks along with gun safety tests could decrease the amount of gun crime in the United
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