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Democratic political systems form the foundation for the redistribution of power and pursuit of egalitarianism. They offer the majority a voice through formal channels of collective decision-making, based on: free and fair elections, universal suffrage and political accountability, (Huber, et al., 1997:323). Therefore, considering that inequality originates from the arenas of societies’ stratification structures and the economic markets, democratic political systems have to manoeuvre beyond the political and in to the economic and social arenas to curtail inequalities. This essay will discuss the issue, are socio-economic inequalities more likely to be tackled in a democratic political system? Firstly, defining the notions of democracy and inequality will…show more content…
Accordingly, for Bermeo (2009:21), inequality is a concept of difference as it signifies the uneven distribution of ‘any’ valuable resources, which hinder human welfare. Political stability has played a significant role in urging political systems to tackle socio-economic inequalities as income inequalities are determinants of social and political instability. For reasons of maintaining stability, political institutions choose democracy as their “system of governance as it provides peaceful channels where conflicts, competition and cooperation can be contained”. , (Bermeo, 2009:23). By entrenching democratic norms and citizen’s exercising their rights in the democratic system, state capacity is increased to tackle inequalities. Thorbecke and Charumilind (2002:1486) illustrate that, some authoritarian regimes like Indonesia under Surharto, reduced inequalities between the advantaged centre Java and disadvantaged outer islands to ensure regime

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