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Everyone has their own opinion on what they think is attractive. It is usually influenced by the people they surround themselves with. It may be their close friends, but also the people they look up to, can affect their perception of what is attractive. Thus, having their own standards, people tend to squirm at the sight of what they perceive is attractive to them. All of a sudden, if faced with someone perceived as attractive, the person’s confidence unconsciously decreases. That’s where the term beauty premium is coined. When people squirm at the presence of an attractive individual, they tend to just agree, they couldn’t think straight.
However, the generation today focuses on what is popular. The media influences a lot of individuals perception
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This study will focus on dental aesthetic and self confidence. Will there be a need to reform a person’s dental appearance to build his self confidence. If an individual will perform better after a treatment has been done on them and will they gain more self confidence. How can a someone cope with their inability to get the treatments they want for the betterment of their dental appearance.
Mate selection is influenced by the attractiveness of an individual. The two articles that studied mate selection that the outer appearance of an individual may have its influence. However, these standards of their attractiveness is not prefered for a long term partner. These articles have shown what women look for in their mate, but lack what men find. What do individuals look for in their long term partner. Does attractiveness really matter and selecting a mate.
Beauty premium is a term used for when attractive people are treated differently. Whether it 's good or bad, the attention is based on who is looking. Just like the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. If treated with beauty premium, what is the effect on the person. Will they be vain or humbled? What if a celebrity is tasked to wear something that is perceived to be unpopular, would everyone follow? Does the media affect the standards of

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