Essay On Dental Education

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Dr Mohammad Faisal, Faculty of dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia.
Abstract: The aim of dental education is to produce a dental surgeon with prescribed packages of knowledge upon graduation and be able to practice safe and ethical dentistry for the human race. In the past medical and dental education was teacher centric with students mainly learning what the teacher chose to teach them but recent advances in education, because of information and communication technology, health sciences education is also becoming more and more student centric.
In today’s world information and communication technology offers benefits to dental education through online tutorials, virtual
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Currently Training of dental students includes a combination of preclinical operative training which includes theoretical teaching and practical exercises in the laboratory under intense supervision, followed by clinical practical skills development by patient consultation, physical examination, if required special tests like radiographs, scans, biochemical tests etc and to synthesize and integrate this information with his own knowledge and experience in order to diagnose and manage the patients problem. Training also involves a period of internship where a student manages patients individually but under closed supervision. This time-tested method unfortunately sometime subjects the patients to discomfort, risk of complications and prolonged treatment times. To gain proficiency in simpler treatment methods a lot of time is consumed and a student remains inadequately trained for more complex
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