Poor Dental Hygiene

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Mouth care is an important aspect of care. People who have poor dental hygiene and poor nutrition are high risk of tooth decay. Eating and drinking should be a pleasure. Individual who maintain a healthy mouth can enjoy the ability to eat, drink and prevent illnesses. Conversely, adults who have poor oral health can find eating and drinking in painful and cause unpleasant experiences. Linda Nazarko (2009) stressed that 77 per cent of adults have some natural teeth and 13 per cent of adults have lost all their teeth. People who lack of natural teeth are most likely to be adult and older people. In fact, a dirty, sore, dry neglected mouth can affect a person’s health and happiness.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious health problems. Research
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In first step, visit a dentist at least twice a year to understand your own oral health. Visit the dental office regularly and examine your mouth regularly it help to solve the tooth decay in earlier stage. In second step, always visually check your mouth for obvious signs of dental disease and avoid dry mouth. According to Harvard Health Letter (2010), to improve the health of gums and teeth, individual can moisten a dry mouth by chewing sugarless gums or sucking on sugarless candies. Besides, try drinking more water and avoiding consume alcohol or caffeinated beverages, so it would not dry out the mouth. In third step, eat well-balanced meals by limit snacks, less particularly sugary foods and eat a balanced diet. In forth step, make sure brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss teeth, use fluoride products and get a new toothbrush at least every six months. According to Sherrie Strausfogel (2008), health of the teeth and gums is directly connected to the health of the body. Eliminating toxins and inflammation originating in the mouth can alleviate many diseases that contribute to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Research shows that gum diseases such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes is related with bacteria from gum infections travel through the bloodstream to trigger inflammation in organs and tissues at distant sites. Thus, take a few…show more content…
Changes in your overall health status often result in changes in your oral health and commit to a daily oral health

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