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Many people confuse a dental hygienist with a dentist or a dental assistant. Dental hygienists are the people that handle most of the cleaning and surgery processes. I chose this career to research because my mom worked in the dental field and she enjoyed it. Another reason why I am so interested in this subject is because I have struggled with teeth and oral issues before, so I would like to help kids and adults with the same issues as me. I would love to be a dental hygienist because the pay is high, you can make new friends, and you have manageable hours. 2 They are the people who clean your teeth, perform surgeries, prescribe medication, etc (Occupation Description). 7 The work schedule for both professions is relatively the same. A typical dental office open at 8 AM, and closes around 6 PM. Dental hygienists do receive leave on major holidays, but they have to work year round. 9 As a dental hygienist you must have a outgoing personality. Hygienists are constantly having to meet new people who they need to create a relationship with. The more social you are, the more customers you’ll attract (Schmoop). 4 A dental hygienist is required to receive only an associates degree in dentistry at his or her graduate school. Before graduate school the students are encouraged to study and major in either a…show more content…
11 Sadly, there are many limiting factors for dental hygienists as well. First, there will be long days where you will get no breaks. There will also be days where you feel like you are doing nothing but sitting around and puffing air, but there is still hope. 12 As a dental hygienist your family life should not be affected in any way. Hygienists usually have set hours of when they come into work, and when they come home from work. Dental offices are closed on most major holidays, but they are open year round (Dental
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