Teeth Restoration Research Paper

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An increasing demand for esthetics has led to new innoivations and techniques in dental restorations in anterior teeth . Tooth structure may be used as an alternative to restore fractured segments, grossly carious teeth etc . The tooth fragments can be obtained from patients own tooth or from tooth bank. The restorations using these teeth are termed as biological restoration. This article discusses the different aspects of biological restorations
Fractured tooth crowns , Primary teeth with extensive carious lesions are routinely observed in clinical practice. Tooth material loss at an early age may not only lead to establishment of neuro-muscular imbalance leading to decreased masticatory efficacy but also phonetic and
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Also, having teeth from other people’s teeth in their mouth is not a pleasant idea for some patients and many of them refuse to receive this treatment However, all these factors are not contraindications of the technique2,3,6,8.
Biological restoration used teeth from the Human Tooth Bank are used as natural posts & crowns .2,7 The selected tooth from the tooth bank is reshaped, roots strengthened by retro fillingwith flowable composites and autoclaved for 30min at 121 degree centigrade and 15 lbs pressure before cementation. 9,
Other factors of concern while using biologic restoration is that Universal protocol of consent, storage and sterilization should be followed in the human tooth bank. Collected samples should be scaled, polished and freed of soft tissues and periodontal remnants. Pulps have to be removed and complete biological preparation is to be done.Teeth are then stored at 4degree centigrade in HBSS with donor identification till the time of its use.

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