Essay On Dental Tourism

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Dental Tourism
Dental tourism is a part and parcel of the medical tourism industry sector that has seen a spurt of growth in the past years. Overseas dental tourism is the overall professional dental care given to patients who have issues regarding their teeth in terms of oral hygiene and dental surgery, which is done in another country. The dental procedures usually performed by dentists are: cleanings (prophylaxis), fluoride treatments, whitening, fillings, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, crowns, tooth implants, etc.
Patients who seek dental treatment overseas go there for one main reason, and that is because of the lower price package they get in comparison to the dental procedures they have to pay in their home countries. Most dental patients who go for dental tourism abroad come from the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. Recent studies show that majority of the residents from the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland do not have dental insurance, so they need to pay the full price of any dental procedure, which can be quite hefty. Those who have dental insurance still need to pay more than the total dental tourism cost especially if the procedure that needs to be done is not covered by the insurance policy.
It has been claimed that the dental tourism best prices yields a
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The allure of having a vacation on the side in an exotic location aside from the treatment is an added attraction. While it is good to save and enjoy a good vacation on hard earned money, patients must likewise be aware of the dental tourism risk. Considered as a goldmine, dental tourism has spread quickly in a small expanse of time, initiating numerous dentists in foreign lands to join in the stiff competition of offering the best services where each claims to be an expert in the
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