Essay On Dependency On Technology

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As the days went by, technology has become more advanced than it is. We thought that the more we improve it, the easier it can turn our lives into. Nowadays, people can’t go by a day without their gadgets. The constant use of these gadgets can make us more dependent on technology and it can affect our creativity and communication among us. You can see as you walk by any places, people are diving their nose into their phone screens which inevitably make them oblivious to what is happening around them. In this era, people are inseparable from their phones. Our dependence on technology turns the society into a lost world without interaction with our people in our community.

In my opinion, the society is being more and more dependent
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However, can we rest assured that using more technology won’t make us lose our creativity? My answer to that question would be yes. I believe that in the long run, the technology could potentially hinder our creativity. My belief is that certain aspects of technology make us forget that creating is an amazing experience, that the vast amount of ideas we are surrounded by makes creativity more about re-sampling than originality, and that it has imparted the value of patience in society. Whenever I create something with my own bare hands, I become happier than I could ever…show more content…
As the saying goes, “One bad apple spoil the whole bunch.” The use of technology at extreme measures would definitely produce negative outcomes in the long run. Imagine it, you walk around and a crime just happened but people didn’t think of doing anything. Instead, they use their phones to take a picture of the crime and post it on the internet and social media. Nonetheless, a majority of the society takes their dependency on technology into a positive spectrum. If technology is being used appropriately to enhance communication and creativity, who am I to say that the good in technology dependency is all
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