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While it is rather apparent that throughout the entirety of the play Hamlet suffers from depression. He is unsure of what he should do about it. He often contemplates the idea of committing suicide. Hamlet becomes fascinated with the act of suicide, but ultimately he does not take any action towards his thoughts. Hamlet's depression first becomes evident in the first soliloquy that he performs that occurs in Act 1 Scene 2. He states that it is against God's will to take one’s life, “Or that the Everlasting had not fixed / his cannon ‘gainst self-slaughter” (I.ii.42). During the time in history in which Hamlet was written religion was a predominant aspect of society and daily life. The author of the play, William Shakespeare lived in England, where Christianity was dominant. In the Bible, Christianity’s sacred text, it forbids the taking of one’s own life in an act of suicide. It describes it as being a sin to kill you and that it goes against God's will, …show more content…

Throughout the progression of the play Hamlet’s views on suicide shift and change. In the beginning of the play he views it as an option, a way for him to escape his troubles in the mortal life. Though, the thought that suicide could lead to him suffering an eternal damnation deterred him from committing suicide. As the play progresses he is stopped to commit the act, but his own mind, which was unable to bring itself to harm his fragile body. Hamlet then ultimately he dismisses the idea away with the excuse that it is his duty to avenge his father’s assassination. However, he does not completely forget about his wish of dying as he decides he will not kill himself, but he also won’t try and safeguard his life were it to be threatened. In the end a list of various excuses pop up throughout the play that prevent Hamlet from being able to take his own life even though he was more than capable of doing

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