Essay On Depression Warning Signs

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Are you able to spot the depression warning signs? Do you think you’re depressed? Are you worried that somebody you know might be depressed? How do you know that you are not just a little sad or having a down day, but really depressed? This is a question quite a few people ask themselves at one point or another in their lives. So firstly we need to know what depression is. About Depression Warning Signs Like many other chronic ailments, there are a wide riotously of factors that can cause depression. Depression is characterised by the presence of several symptoms out of a long potential list. Depression affects people of all ages, races, and nationalities and according to the World Health Organisation is actually the most expensive disease…show more content…
However, if you are enduring less serious depression warning signs—such as just sleeping too little or more than usual—you may want to first try tackling that problem on your own. The depression warning signs can be awfully tricky as I have seen in my years of practice. At times, it can be truly hard to tell if you are just having a down period or if something more profound is occurring in your head. Decreased sex drive If you are having this kind of struggle and not knowing for sure, it is helpful to look at the depression warning signs that I will discuss now. Depression Warning Signs Quick Checklist In brief, a depressed person will usually have several of the following symptoms: Inability to enjoy things formerly enjoyed Fatigue Mood swings which can also be accompanied by unexplained crying and weeping Feelings of apathy, worthlessness, helpless, hopelessness, irritability or guilt Sleep problems which may manifest as sleeping far too much or not being able to sleep at all Appetite problems which may manifest as eating too much or too little Aches and pains such as headaches or backaches and digestive problems Difficulty in concentration or making decisions Increased anxiety Decreased sex
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