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Desalination Essay

Drinking seawater is bad, the salt makes you dehydrated and the more salt water you drink the more it makes you sweat. You also get a dry mouth and low blood pressure as well as your heartbeats faster; you could get bad headaches and a lot of dizziness. Most of the biggest desalination plants are in the middle east like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel and many more, but the biggest desalination plant in United Arab Emirates it is the biggest power production, in Jebel Ali M-station in Dubai. The plant has an installed capacity of 2,060MW (mega watts) and 140 million imperial gallons of water per day. The first ever desalination plant, which was used, was in United Sates of America during the mid-20th century (1955).

How Do Desalination Plants Work?
There are many desalination techniques; the thermal distillation, reverse osmosis and many more. Thermal distillation is one of the processes that make desalination (removing salt from sea water) possible. The thermal distillation process uses heat to evaporate water and then later liquefy again. When there is leftover heat or enough electricity available, as is often the case with factories and power plants, thermal distillation is a well-organized and workable
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Chlorine is accurately put so as to prevent active chlorine remaining at the opening of the plant.

Advantages And Disadvantages
I. Advantages: - Desalination plants can provide clean drinkable water in areas where no natural supply of drinkable water exists.
II. Advantages: - water turns of safe to drink and it is not dangerous or isn’t hazardous to any living thing.
III. Disadvantages: - cost is really high, it costs so much like hundreds or thousand dollars just to clean water and it even costs a lot much on building the plants.
IV. Disadvantages: - a lot of space can be used because of building the

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