Essay On Desensitization

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There are numerous different ways in which the media may desensitize us to the events that take place around us. It can happen in such a subtle way that most of us don’t even realize that we are becoming desensitized to a certain stimulus until after we have been away from it for a while. The possible outcomes of this desensitization can have dire consequences that may affect parenting, the legal system, and numerous other areas. There are a number of instances that I can think of in which I have been desensitized to something through the media. One thing that I have been desensitized to is to people getting hurt in car accidents. Being an enormous fan of auto racing, I naturally follow the stories of the people who get into an accident…show more content…
I have recently started playing a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies. This is a game in which the only goal is to run around and shoot zombies until the zombies finally manage to trap and kill you. No matter how good of a player you are at this game, you will always die in the end because there happens to be no actual end point. This game may desensitize people to the effects that guns may have. People may stop thinking of guns as dangerous weapons that should be used carefully and cautiously, and more as toys that are used to have fun with. It may also desensitize people to the reality of death because in video games there is always the option to just play another game. For me, I’ve noticed that I have started to become desensitized to the thoughts of other players. When I started off playing this game, I wouldn’t get so upset when someone did something that I thought wasn’t the brightest thing in the world to do. Now I still don’t really get upset, but I do get frustrated a lot more with the other players, to the point that sometimes I would rather just play the game solo instead of with the three other people that generally makes the game
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