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Desert surrounding in Dubai is the most serene landscape that one can enjoy here. Dubai desert is undoubtedly a must visit place along with family and friends. The place is magical in its own form and one can enjoy the best adventure activities offered. When people think about Dubai desert safari, their mind picture 's dune bashing- typical short safari where you 're packed inside the car and lurches through the desert. Though this adventure activity can be fun, but at time can bring negative result for families. So it is highly advised for families to avoid dune bashing activity. However, you don’t need to get disheartened because the magical desert is blessed with rich subculture, exotic wildlife and breath-taking scenery.
The ecosystem of desert is quite sensitive and while dune bashing; the act damages the vegetation and wildlife. If you are thinking about something more interesting in the desert then there are many options to consider. We will take you to different options of desert safari action that can be enjoyed without dune bashing.
Dinner Safari: Imagine yourself being served with spicy and fresh non-veg menus and enjoying the taste while cool air breezing around. Dinner safari is also one of the ways to explore new culture and tasting authentic
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Camel Safari: Known as the Ship of Desert, having a camel ride in desert is a must. Camel is the perfect transport facilities that one can enjoy and watch the scenic landscape of the desert. During the safari ride, you 'll enjoy the tranquillity of the hot land, especially during the sunset period. The safari also includes the evening by enjoying the entertainment at the traditional Bedouin desert camp. Once you 're done with the evening ride, Arabic hospitality awaits you to welcome drink of Ghawa and Dates. The entire camel ride is of 45 minutes, which also include the sunset photography session. The campfire set at the camp is the perfect place to enjoy the desert

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