Pros And Cons Of Desertification

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Recently, we can read plenty of articles from newspaper warning about the global warming, because pollution gets worse every day. However, there is a huge threat to the world just after pollution but it’s rarely mentioned which is called desertification. According to UNEP, 35% of the world’s land surface is currently at risk and more than 20 million hectares are reduced annually to near or complete uselessness. This is a warning from nature if we don’t have any action to prevent the desertification. Desertification is no longer a new word invented by scientist, it has become a global issue nowadays which threats numerous countries and cities worldwide, especially in the poor countries that are affected heavily. There are various ways to cause…show more content…
We might be luckier than someone else that we are not affected by the desertification but if we keep doing the harmful things to the environment, we will face the consequences in the future so the priority thing that we should do is together prevent the desertification. The most effective way to prevent desertification is afforestation which can protect the soil against its degradation and reduce the air pollution that affect to the climate change. The benefits from afforestation are amazing, when we plant more trees we can maintain the vegetative cover to protect soil from wind and water erosion. In addition, it provides the storage of carbon, reducing air temperature, raising humidity, stimulating the exchange of air, filtering suspended particles and dust, and reducing gaseous pollution. For all these advantages, we can protect our lands from desertification and control the climate change as well. In general, desertification is a major problem of the world that we should be aware. This world phenomenon is affecting terribly to 168 countries worldwide and making millions people suffered bad living conditions. It’s possible for us to get rid of desertification but it need to take a long time to solve the problem. Because of that that we should take this seriously and be mindful to help protecting environment in order to prevent our living place from

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