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Distant bells? Sweet chimes and love in the air? A wedding is not just an event marking the union of two people in love anymore. A wedding has become the prime extravagant occasion in every person 's life. We dream of the perfect wedding, with the ever-changing trends constantly updating our own prior plans. We watch our weight, we eat right and follow various fitness schemes to look like some sort of royal starlets. But what is the next 'IN ' thing in the wedding rosters of many brides-to-be and many aspiring wedding emissary/agents?

A destination wedding.
Google defines it as "marrying at least 100 miles from where the bride lives". Its more precisely defined as a wedding away from the hustle of the crowded cities and metros to take in
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A wedding in these islands is not for those who wish for a grandiose show stopper wedding, but for those who want to get married in the most beautiful embraces of mother nature with their family members and loved ones and cherish the memory for a lifetime to come.

3. Rishikesh
Rishikesh is said to be the birthplace of Hindu culture and mythology. The priests come from a long line of passed down knowledge through the generations. With the Ganges swiftly flowing by, this place lights up like the festival of Diwali every evening during the prayers, where thousands flock to pay theirrespects to the gods.
Getting married in Rishikesh is a privilege as the couple gets to tie the knot in the pleasant setting of the Ganges in a ceremony that is the epitome of culture and rituals.

4. Shimla
Shimla is a Hill-station that was developed by the British as a seasonal retreat because of its lovely weather and it still looks like an English town. In the winters,this amazing place is laden with snow and surely gives the view of a lifetime. Shimla is epitomized by wooden cottages and sweet people who are a pleasure to encounter. The young couples often choose this place as a Honeymoon retort, but it is coming up to be a wedding destination

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