Essay On Developing Countries

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Developed countries and developing countries are the classification of countries in the world based on welfare or quality of life of its people. The developed countries are countries where the people live with high well-being or quality of life. While the developing countries are countries where the people live with the level of welfare or quality of life are moderate or in the development. This term later in the Structural Theory of social systems is defined as the status-roleexpressed by Talcott Parsons. Which is there is division, namely the status of developed countries and developing countries that run their respective roles.
Developing countries have a role to provide raw material for industrial of developed countries. Because developed
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Dependency theory (dependencies) states that foreign assistance is used by developed countries to influence domestic and foreign relations of the receiver country (country who receive help) in this regard is a developing country. Initially they embrace political elite-the elite of developing countries for commercial purposes and national security, then through international networks, foreign assistance devoted to massively exploit the natural resources of developing countries. Not only that, human resources in developing countries unavoidably being a cheap labor because economic factor and being the consumer (market) for the products of developed…show more content…
It is as if when assistance from developed countries is no longer distributed then this would make developing countries would fall collapsed in the current global competition which is increasingly make misery for developing countries. The fact that almost in all aspects of life in developing countries is always depended on the developed countries. Developing countries in fulfill their needs could not be separated from the role of developed countries, it is hard to argue because until now the developing countries have not been able to do it by them self. The caused is the developing countries have not been able to maximize the potential of their
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