Why Do People Commit Deviance

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Deviance is defined as “nonconformity to a given set of norms that are accepted by a significant number of people in a community or society” (Essentials of Sociology, page 159). In other words, it is actions or things that we, as people, do not find to be the norm with the majority of our society. Crime can be considered a deviance act. For example, if someone were to shoplift it would be considered a deviance act because normally a person does not shoplift when at a store. But why do people commit deviance acts? We can understand why but looking closer at the various types of crimes and why and how they are committed. Specifically, we can understand why deviance acts occur by looking at violent crimes, especially murder.
Murder is a deviant act and crime that continues to occur almost every day, all around the world. We often hear stories every once in a while, of those who were ruthlessly murdered on the news by other people. These people can be as young as newborn babies to toddlers to as old as the elderly. When people to decide
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We can see in chapter six by gender and race which groups will most likely to be the victim and which groups will most likely to be the ones to commit the crime. Murder can be considered all different types of perspectives: Biological, Psychological Sociological. But murder can mainly be considered a psychological perspective. This is because although not all, but many murderers are psychopaths; this means that they “delight in violence for its own sake” (Essential of Sociology, page 162). In other words, these people do not murder others because they are in harm’s way but rather do so because they enjoy doing so. People are not just born wanting to know that they want to commit such a violent act, majority of these acts are based off of a person’s personality as they grow. The personality of a murderer most often are
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