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What is Diabetes Insipidus and what causes it?
Diabetes Insipidus is your ability to control the water balance within the body is not functioning properly. The kidneys are not able to regulate the amount of water passing in urine as well as normal. This means that you can pass large amounts of dilute urine. The medical term for passing large amounts of urine is polyuria.

Because you spend more, thus losing more fluids of the body, in an attempt to compensate for this, you become more thirsty and want to drink more. The medical term for this increased thirst and the desire to drink more than is polydipsia.

If you have diabetes insipidus can become dehydrated easily. Can become levels of salts of sodium and potassium in the blood also unbalanced and too high.

There are two different types of diabetes insipidus (shown below):

Cranial Diabetes Insipidus.
Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.
Not to be confused with diabetes insipidus with a more common type of diabetes, and diabetes: a note. Two are not related. Diabetes can also make you feel thirsty and passing a lot of urine. It occurs when the level of sugar
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This can happen if you drink more fluids than you pass urine or if you're dealing with a lot of desmopressin. Excess water can lead to problems with blood levels of electrolytes, particularly sodium. They can makes a low sodium levels are very low. Signs that you may have included headache, dizziness and weight gain-plus water. Low sodium levels can make you feel sleepy and confused in severe cases can lead to a spell (spell) and loss of consciousness. You should see your doctor if you are concerned about any of these symptoms. To avoid this, never take more than you need, desmopressin, if you take desmopressin, follow your doctor's advice on how much fluid you should drink. Also, the doctor usually recommended regular blood tests to check sodium levels of salt if you have diabetes

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