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The Great Importance of Diabetes Self Management in 5 points Most of the time, when we learn that we have diabetes, the last thing that comes to our mind is the importance of diabetes self management. We most probably think about this disease as the worst thing that could have happened to us, a heavy burden, an injustice of the universe, and all we want is eat without having to think about it, without needles, without medication. Diabetes Self-Management Or at least, this is what happened to me, 11 years ago, when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I felt like a victim, and even the people who tried to help me, doctors and family, found themselves to be treated like foes. It was a hard time for me and my surroundings, and for my body,…show more content…
In reality, nobody should know better than ourselves what is happening in our own body. When we care about ourselves, we become aware of many signs that we didn’t notice before. It is the beginning of our studies of diabetes self management, and as time and experiences go, we do become…show more content…
We start to take things in hands, we become passionate about diabetes, we want to help other diabetic people, and so, we become more curious, and proactive. Maybe we will make a discovery that can help others later, for example, when we eat this or this food, our blood sugar level goes down. And this is more precious than everything. With my glucometer, I tried different medicinal plants, foods, types of physical exercises, and I did learn a few tricks that helped me a lot. And I verified them hundreds of times. It brought me so much joy, feeling that I could make discoveries, that I shared them with other diabetics I know. And they turned in to be efficient for them too. Who knows if, all together, we can’t improve the life of many diabetics just by taking care of ourselves! And the we go, it can transform us from victim to

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