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Diagnostic imaging is used every day all over the world and is growing rapidly. It is used in the hospital, OB/GYN offices, outpatient care centers, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and physicians’ offices (Cross, 2017). A diagnostic medical sonographer utilizes special equipment with sound waves to generate images. These images are used for assessing and diagnosing various medical conditions (Diagnostic, 2016). When most people hear the word sonography they think of pregnancy. Although, sonography technology is used to diagnosis many other medical conditions such as conditions in the heart, breast, abdomen, blood vessels and musculoskeletal problems. This technology works along with x-ray, MRI and CAT scans. (Diagnostic, 2016)
Diagnostic medical sonographers are
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Colleges and universities have a two-year and a four-year program. At the end of a two-year program a person will acquire an associate’s degree. At the end of a four-year program a person will acquire a bachelor’s degree. For worker’s already working in the health care field, employers accept one-year programs which result in a certificate. Typically, these programs are education and training to increase a person’s marketability. This education is normally provided by the employer. These programs are not accredited when attending a university or college. There is not a state license required to become a diagnostic medical sonographer. Most employees would prefer to hire workers with a registration. To obtain a registration, a person must go through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) to receive a general physical principles and instrumentation examination. Once they receive a registration, to maintain registration sonographers must complete a require number of continuing education and training. (Cross,

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