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Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in a Diaper Bag?

Packing your diaper bag is like preparing for battle. Simply dumping all baby-related items into a diaper bag is asking for trouble. In fact, most experts recommend that the same amount of effort you put into preparing your baby for a day out should also apply to your diaper bag. Here is a list of things your diaper bag should never be without, even if you are just going for a stroll in the park.

The Essentials

1. Diapers – This is, after all, the reason why it 's called a diaper bag, right? When it comes to diapers, too many is definitely better than too little. Pack one diaper for each hour outside, plus a couple more for good measure.
2. Baby Wipes – Baby wipes can be your savior, so make sure
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Hand sanitizer – Some places are not conducive to diaper changes, and even public establishments with restrooms might not be as sanitary as you think. Using a hand sanitizer after a diaper change, or after you 've gone to the toilet yourself can go a long way.
5. Bottles – Some mothers may not be comfortable with the thought of nursing in public, so they bring bottles of expressed milk instead. If you are bottle feeding, you can bring a bottle of ready-made baby formula for short trips. Long trips may need bottled water plus a specific container to hold pre-measured baby formula.
6. Biodegradable bags – These bags come in handy for soiled diapers and other used items like clothes. Buy thicker plastic bags as thinner plastic bags still tend to leak and the smell might stick to the diaper bag itself.
7. Changing pad – An absolute must for diaper changes on the go. Most diaper bags do come with its own matching changing pad. You may also opt for disposable changing pads for less mess and fuss.
8. Pacifier or toy – Even babies find comfort in many things, like sucking on a pacifier or fumbling with their favorite rattle. Bring along these items just in case as you never know when your baby will start to get

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