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Diaper Bags for Girls There is definitely an advantage to purchasing gender-specific diaper bags for your baby. For one, it eliminates the risk of well-meaning strangers from calling your daughter an “adorable baby boy”. A bag in pinks and lavenders, with bunnies and kittens all over it is the best indication that your baby is a girl. Some diaper bags nowadays are adorable enough that even moms are falling in love with them and using them This makes the task of carrying the baby plus the diaper bag a more cheerful task for moms. Here are some diaper bags for girls that caught our attention for their cuteness, durability and reasonable price tags. SoHo- Lavender Diaper bag with changing pad 6 pieces set This SoHo diaper bag is comprised of six…show more content…
After all, most parents nowadays grew up with Disney characters themselves, so Mickey and the gang all have a special place in our hearts that we now pass down to our own children. The Minnie Dot and Bow Tote comes in a perfect size with a perfect price. It's not too big and bulky, so it's more suited towards doctor's appointments and short errands. The design is also very cute without overdoing it, and the quality of the materials is actually pretty good, considering the cheap price. Parents who want to take this bag for weekend stays and long trips might be disappointed that it doesn't hold much. It really is meant to be a smaller tote for short excursions outside the house. Also, there's no changing pad included which is a downer, because a Minnie Mouse changing pad would have been really adorable! Overall, this is not ideal as a default and main diaper bag. If you already have a large diaper bag for long trips and want a smaller one for short errands, this is a great choice for you. Cleanup is easy, the design is cute and is cheaper compared to other diaper bags that are of the same

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