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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin fever is about a wimpy teenager named Greg Heffely. The book acts as a diary for Greg. In this diary, Greg writes about the everyday struggles that he endures. In this particular book, he writes about the struggles he endures close to the times of the holidays. These are few of the things about the book. The book starts off with Greg explaining his feelings about the holidays. He explains that he really doesn't like the holidays for many reasons. First, he finds it hard being nice because people seem to annoy him much more in the holidays. He also says he finds Santa creepy because he "knows when you are sleeping or awake." This Christmas was extra odd to him because his mom finds a childhood doll and says that it is watching over them. These were a few of the things that Greg says makes him hate the holidays. Along with the holiday problems, Greg also faces…show more content…
At first, he was glad because he thought it would give him a few more days to make a plan and avoid the police for his vandalism. Then, Greg realizes this is one of the worst things that could of happened. He is now trapped with his annoying family. Next thing he knows, the power is out and food supplies are low. Eventually they find out Manny turned off the power switches in the house. Afterwards, Greg's mom tells him to donate a toy at the police station. On his way back he looks for the envelope of money he requested in the church driveway. Greg ends up shuffling all the snow out of the driveway and appears in the newspaper as a "Do-Gooder." This how Greg deals with the police and being trapped with his family in the house. In conclusion, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever is a personal diary that Greg Heffley uses to express himself. In this certain book Greg talks about his experiences particularly around the holidays. All in all, it was a great book and I would recommend it to anybody who loves
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