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Has anyone ever wondered what would make work easier for anyone in a nursing or caring environment? If a student or an adult is just like me and are going straight to work after school in a health field, then reading this essay has the solution and they are called Dickies scrubs. Now if someone has ever heard of these scrubs, then perfect, but if they haven’t then this essay will be telling a few important details about said Dickies scrubs. Dickies scrubs are super comfortable to work in while doing anything. Another detail about the scrubs are that the storage that have is amazing. Their actual scrubs that they sell can go for anyone, they don’t just make scrubs to fit both male and female. They have unisex scrubs, as well. I will be getting more into detail with that along this essay. Dickies scrubs are particle to any work environment as long as comfort goes. They have certain scrubs that are more fitted due to the flex lines in them. Also the fabric they are made out of allow employees to move more freely without feeling tightness from the other scrubs. If a worker is a tall person, then they will not have a problem because they do make a tall selection. Some people like them snug, loose or tight and Dickies scrubs does have all of those varieties available for people so that they feel more comfortable in certain…show more content…
These scrubs are comfortable to work with so I don’t have to worry about fixing or rearranging my scrub outfit constantly throughout the day. They have a variety of shirts and pants that have several storage places so I don’t have to carry objects around with me in the hands. Lastly, these scrubs are fit for everyone who needs scrubs for their work so I don’t have to worry if I am getting a different gender because they make ones that are unisex. I to believe that these scrubs types are the best for me in my

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