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As we know there are two types of diesel engine, Four Stroke and Two Stroke types.
The 'Diesel Cycle ' is also known as Compression-Ignition(CI) Cycle and uses higher Compression-Ratio. It was named after German engineer Rudolph Diesel, who invented and developed first Four-Stroke diesel engine.the four strokes of the diesel engine are similar to that of a petrol engine, the diesel engine ' considerably defers by the way the diesel is supplied to the engine. conventional internal combustion diesel engine works on 'Diesel Cycle '. In the simple diesel engines, an fuel injector injects diesel into the combustion chamber above the piston directly. Diesel engines are also commonly known as Compression-Ignition engines. This is mainly
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Carbon monoxide (CO) Carbon monoxide results by incomplete combustion where the oxidation process does not occur completely. This concentration is largely dependent on air/fuel mixture.
Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas. In humans, CO in the air is inhaled by the lungs and transmitted into the bloodstream.
Hydrocarbons (HC) Hydrocarbon emissions are composed of unburned fuels as a result of insufficient temperature which occurs near the cylinder wall. At this point, the air–fuel mixture temperature is significantly less than the center of the cylinder
Hydrocarbons consist of thousands of species, such as alkanes, alkenes, and aromatics.
Diesel engines normally emit low levels of hydrocarbons. Diesel hydrocarbon emissions occur principally at light loads. The major source of light-load hydrocarbon emissions is lean air–fuel mixing.
Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
Diesel engines use highly compressed hot air to ignite the fuel. Air, mainly composed of oxygen and nitrogen, is initially drawn into the combustion chamber. Then, it is compressed, and the fuel is injected directly into this compressed air at about the top of the compression stroke in the combustion chamber. The fuel is burned, and the heat is

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