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Diesel Mechanic Becoming a diesel mechanic is an extremely rare and overlooked career path. Not everyone is cut out to be a diesel mechanic; it is a very dirty, hands-on job. However, it does not require any book sense. It is simply the understanding of an intricate diesel engine. Being a diesel mechanic is a rewarding career that is a vital part of maintaining much of America’s transport. Diesel mechanics work on the workhorse that powers larger vehicles, the diesel engine. Diesel mechanics are also referred to as diesel service technicians or diesel engine specialists. They follow a routine maintenance checklist which involves the inspection of braking systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings, and other significant parts. After the inspection,…show more content…
They restore the electrical and engine systems on those vessels. They also work on shipboard electrical and mechanical equipment. However, cabin cruisers and commercial fishing boat diesel engines are only removed for a major rebuild ("What Are Some Popular Career Options in Diesel Mechanics?"). Their job includes steering device assembly, plumbing repair, propeller replacement, hydraulic monitoring, performance documentation, mechanical flushing and cleaning, and electrical system maintenance ("Marine Diesel Mechanic Salary"). From working on the port to repairing government ships, marine diesel mechanics have a vast variety of opportunities to pick from ("What Are Some Popular Career Options in Diesel Mechanics?"). Almost all employers want the marine diesel mechanic to have at least two years of educational training from an accredited program. Most get their education from a vocational or technical school. They must have a classroom education and hands-on training for this line of work ("Marine Diesel Mechanic Salary"). The classes they will take consist of principles of operation, anatomy of the diesel engine, maintaining a marine diesel engine, and basic troubleshooting ("Marine Diesel

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