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In this, we learn about the difference between a boy and a girl. How we differenciate boys and girls, not only by their physical image, you can know from the attitude. In words, We respect boys and girls, we love them for what we are. However, boys respect action but not words. Maybe it 's because they are not as good with the words as the girls are. For whatever reason, if we want to have their respect we have to do what they respect and act more clearly so they get the message. Girls respect the words because through the words we express our relationship with others. I think that girls are socialized to put more emphasis on pleasing people. This has positive consequences on that girls become more engaged in their school work,
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Difference Between A Boy and A Girl

The world of boys and girls is different from an early age, from the moment each one develops preferences (girls - the dolls, clothes and delicate sensitivity, boys - cars, games and aggression). Our parents will buy us the right things when we are younger, for girls, parents will buy dress, skirts, girly stuffs, and even braid the hair. For boys, parents will buy t-shirts, trousers, and short hair for boys.

Gender identity formation occurs around the age of 2-3 years. The child realizes there are two categories: boys and girls, and each belong to one of them.
Parents and teachers who interact directly with children consistently observed differences among behavior, learning style, interests, concerns of girls and boys.

Based on what I observe is that, girls tend to dress up more nicely, sexier than boys. If there is function or special occasion, girls will spend the whole day or the day before the occasion starts, to find the most satisfied dress or blouse to attend the occasion. But for boys, boys will only pick up the clothes just before the occasion starts.

In my opinion, we are born male or female, but we are not born as boys or girls. That distinction must be taught, but may come only from the culture

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