Compare And Contrast North And South

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The United States emerged into two distinct regions: The North and The South. Some of these differences relate to their geographical locations, economic conditions, societal relations, as well as transportation systems. Geographically, the north had control over multiple trade ports although the south lacked such ports. Economically, the North's economy is based upon manufacturing while the South's is based upon agriculture. Socially, the South favored slavery, but the North was against practices of slavery. Transportation wise, the North's flourished due to expansive railways and canals during the time the South lacked such transportation methods. Henceforth, high tensions shall rise from the hatred to succumb upon between these two distinct…show more content…
The North's climate is temperate with humid summers and crisp icy winters. The north struggles with farming due to the cold templates and short growing seasons for farms. Luckily, the north has clear, fast rivers as well as coastlines full of lagoons. This allowed for masses of towns and cities to thrive from trading over these waterways; hence, many cities developed near said rivers and bays. With the waterways, these cities gradually became world trading centers. Moreover, the rivers allowed for an efficient use of waterpower to propel running factories. However, the South's climate is also warm and sunny with long summers and mild winters; there is also a plentiful of rain. This makes the South's climate ideal for agricultural production and harvesting materials needed for houseware such as cotton. Additionally, the South thrived from their example fertile soil due to their enhanced ability to grow crops. Later on, the creation of the cotton gin would give a boost to the southern textile industry, allowing for it to begin to be recognized internationally. Although the North's and the South's geography is distinctly different, they are still apart of one united
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