The Importance Of Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated instruction is a support or concept for effective teaching that involves showing students with different ways to learning. According to Bearne (1996). “ differentiated instruction corresponds to an innovative approach through which educators whatever their subject area, are able to bring modification to curricula, teaching methods, usage of educational sources and resources, learning events or activities as well as assessment and evaluation methods.” Differentiation in simple words means tailoring instruction to meet individuals needs that is student needs in the school context. Differentiated instruction is the way a teacher anticipates and responds to a variey of students need in class. According to Mary Ann corley, differentiated…show more content…
Explain why teachers should adopt “ differentiated instruction “ in class” The cornerstone of differentiation is active planning, the teacher plans instruction strategically to meet learners where they are and to offer multiple avenues through which they can acces, understand and apply learning. In differentiating lessons, teachers must take into account not only what they are teaching ( content) but also whom they are teaching (individual that is students). They need to know the varying readiness level , interests and learning profiles of each of their students and the design learning options to fit into these factors. Differentiated instruction means giving students choices about how to learn and how to demonstrate their learning. It is a way in which the teacher anticipates and responds to variety of student’s needs. Normally, teachers can modify the content, the process and due product to create a good teaching or learning environment. It is important for teachers to adopt a differentiated instruction in class because every student is different. We have a combination of personality interests, learning styles or background knowledge. Even though it is time consuming, but it is also very useful for our learners. According to Roger Taylor, education is due “Guide on two side rather than the sage on due stage”. That is a teacher should become a facilitator, assessor of students and planner of activities rather than an…show more content…
It can be said that motivation is a behavior; it is not a thing or special event that can be observed directly. Motivation is a set of processes that the reason of stimulate, orientation and maintaining human behavior towards achieving of goal. It can also be said that motivation can be a method of improving work productivity. That is it is a way of bringing positive results in educational institutions. For successful educational productivity, we need great deal of time, energy, and effort. Motivation at school is an important factor because our learners are young and what they need is an experienced person, a facilitator or a motivator who is going to lead them towards the road of success. Since, they are inexperienced they will have to be trained to become mentally, physically and emotionally strong. In relation to Physical Education, Motivation is the key for successful teaching and learning to take place. It can be said that winning things can be very important because if an athlete keeps on training and there is no positive results, then this can affect the mental status. This is why extrinsic motivation is important. The ‘want’ of the athlete is to things then only more teaching and learning is going to take place. On the other hand, before going towards prizes or winning things, what a student need is education. The ‘need’ is to learn. The coach will teach and the learners are going to learn. That
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