Essay On Digital Advertising

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Media industry is taking shape in diverse ways. The main aspect of media industry that is most affected is the advertising aspect. The advertising platforms from television to online platform are constantly challenged to compete and attract consumers anyhow. However, in the modern world, advertisements have become more like a headache for people. People who use online platforms are not really fan of having advertisements pop up on their screen every five to ten minutes. For this specific reason, many people have taken the help of software that blocks advertisements on the Internet. This software are known as ad blockers and they help in blocking most of the ads online on diverse sites, either accessed through a mobile phone or through a personal computer. Advertisements that are shown online are known as digital advertising. Digital advertising is more or less on the point of becoming extinct due to the fact that people have opted for ad-blockers online in order to get rid of any kind of advertisements.
The problem with digital advertising industry is that it has completely gone out of control. The industry is trying its level best to bank on advertisements by throwing them at every other site that
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With ad block software being used by every individual, it is practically impossible for advertisers to send their advertisement on a user’s system and get information with the help of trackers in those advertisements. The digital advertising industry will have to come up with a new strategy, perhaps join hands with an ad block software company and get information on the kinds of ads that users prefer and create those types of advertisements. This way, the industry will get to have the attention of the users through their advertisements and will also be able to make profit in their work. Social media is another aspect where advertisements can be utilised to attract the attention of the
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