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Digital architecture involves the use of computer modelling, programming, simulation and imaging to create both virtual forms and physical structures.
The ways in which architecture is formed, created, presented, and marketed is transforming – in relation to the transition to a digital society.
Digital architecture allows complex calculations that delimit architects and allow a diverse range of complex forms to be created with great ease using computer algorithms. Architecture created digitally might not involve the use of actual materials (brick, stone, glass, steel, wood). It relies on sets of numbers stored in electromagnetic format used to create representations and simulations that correspond to material performance and to map out built
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An example of an architect who was interested in the effects of the industrial revolution was Mies van der Rohe. He knew how to take advantage of the benefits that came with the Industrial Revolution.
Today we are witnesses that the idea of architectural project is not the same as it was during the Renaissance, the Baroque or even 20 years ago. We are now in the Digital Age where architects, we find a new way to represent, express, generate and construct buildings through digital information. By using processes and techniques identical to those employed in the industry and this is the most important aspect of the Digital Architecture. However, many people, architects and students interpret that the features of the digital architecture is the rediscovery of complex curving shape.
Technology can be very helpful in architecture. For example, Frank Gehry knows how to use those advantages of technologies and lead us to a new style and an improved way of
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