Essay On Digital Cinema

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The 21st century ushered in the age of digital film that revolutionized the consumption of films by the mass audience. Instead of cinemas as the primary source of film distribution, the digital cinema has allowed for alternative distributive platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, etc. The shift from a post-major studio era to pre-internet era allowed for networked audiences to shape their reception of films through social networking, which serve as instruments of illegal online sharing of films or through word-of-mouth to create an audience (Tyron 2009). Film blogs and social networking sites provide alternative platforms for amateur audiences to voice their opinions of films and discuss the film culture. Such interactive modes of reception of film can be contrasted greatly with previous passive modes of reception such as film critics in newspapers, which did not encourage sharing…show more content…
The entertainment industry represses; it does not liberate. In lusting over the ‘ideal’ beauty standards and body proportions, Adorno and Horkheimer says that the film is not liberating us (Adorno and Horkheimer 2007). On the contrary, it is repressing us because when we consume these ‘ideal standards’ of beauty, etc., we feel inclined to respond passively and accept these standards without qualms. Take the issue of gender and sexuality for example, notions of femininity and masculinity are overly romanticized and sexualized in film culture today. The 2015 Hollywood blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey, illustrates the commodification of sexuality and the mass consumption of the ideologies of popular feminism, particularly that of the empowerment of women with independent sexual agency instead of being passive sexual objects (Dymock
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