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Digital etiquette is defined as the standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users. The basic idea behind the topic of digital etiquette is treat others how you wanted to be treated. Essentially, as a participant of a technology driven society, one is expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior and choices in the digital community as well as understand the impact and consequences of those choices. All digital technology users must be aware of others when using technology and understand how technology use can affect others. Digital etiquette is a basic set of rules that people should follow in order to make the internet better for others and better for you. It is just as important to treat people with coutesy
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People have to make responsible choices as participants in the digital world. These choices include viewing age appropriate websites, communicating with others in a courteous and respectful manner, respecting others' views and material, and using technology during the appropriate times and in the appropriate settings. In addition, people must avoid engaging in inappropriate behaviors such as harassing, threatening or flaming others, cyber bullying, posting or sharing personal and private information and using inappropriate language. Students must learn the etiquette for communicating online. They must recognize that what they say can have an impact on others even when they cannot see others' facial expressions. Joking and sarcasm are not easily identifiable and students need to be aware of the negative effects of cyber bullying and hurtful language. Simply using all capitals is a sign that one user is screaming at another and digital etiquette encourages others to avoid it if possible. These are serious issues that have serious impact. It is important to remember that students cannot just be told a list of rules and expectations for online behavior. They need guided instruction, guided practice, lessons and discussions and they need to see their parents and teachers, their role models demonstrating appropriate

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