Digital Inclinometer Research Paper

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How does a digital inclinometer work?

(1) Benefits of a Digital Inclinometer

For a long period of time, professionals have been using water type inclinometers. You can see something like a water drop in the middle of a ruler used to measure if a top is level or not. Or, they are used to measure how steep a slope is. However, these mechanical inclinometers are prone to errors as they are seen with human eyes. Also, there is a concern with the accuracy of such mechanical inclinators as no detailed measurement is available just with the inspection with human eyes.

Digital inclinometers are designed in such a way that accurate measurement can be obtained with just an easy hit on the button of the device. Digital inclinometers are built with
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MEMS stands for Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Sensor. This technology includes some tilt sensors fixed on stainless steel tubes which are joined together with universal joints. The sensors are inserted inside a casing or a pipe on the ground. The sensor cables are connected from the casing to the point where the cables are connected to the terminal boxes. Movements of the measured surface will trigger the inclinometer. Then with the mechanism of this MEMS digital inclinometer, an accurate angle can be measured.

Some manufacturers use the pendulum principle in digital inclinometers. The theory is kind of inclination principle based on acceleration principle. The concept is like a pendulum inside a device. When you tilt the device, the pendulum will tilt thus making an angle. The measurement of angle is available. However, when there is an acceleration, the pendulum movement will be impacted, and the measured angle will not be accurate anymore. For a constant speed, the measurement will not be affected and the result will still be
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The inclinometer is connected to the customizable surface and the gravitational vector of the earth is detected with two accelerometers. Yield signals from every accelerometer are given to an information processor, which decides the position of the movable surface in a first or reference position. The information processor then comparably decides the position of the customizable surface in a moment balanced position. The point between the first reference position and the second reference position is then dictated by the information processor, and the data concerned is given by the information processor to a presentation.

(3) General Uses of a Digital Inclinometer

Generally speaking, there are many uses of a digital inclinometer in commercial or personal areas. In cameras, model aircrafts, some video games, and so on, digital inclinometers are widely used to make them work.

Mechanical engineers also use digital inclinometers to measure the slope of a slant. Some engineers use digital inclinometers to estimate the height of certain things such as buildings, towers, etc. They use a projected image on a slope to tell the height of the items. Architects are using this device for their daily measurement routine.

(4) Industrial Applications

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