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A digital library is the collection of services and the collection of information objects that support users in dealing with information objects and the organization and presentation of those objects available directly or indirectly via electronic/digital means.
Further, there must be an appropriate multimedia repository available for the storage of digital content and metadata. Other important elements are client services for the browser, including repository querying and workflow, content delivery via file transfer or streaming media and a private or public network
A digital library, just as a traditional library, has to gather content in order to offer it to its users. In case of a traditional library, the situation was clear: The library bought books, textbooks, manuals, and subscriptions for journals and newspapers, and then offered it to its visitors. The visitors of a library were usually requested to pay a certain fee for a certain period of time in order to be able to visit the library and use its materials. Information materials were stored in a library, or they could be requested from another library standing in collaboration with the first one. In this case, it took some time until the desired book arrived. 10 In case of a
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A digital library might buy a license for using a book, a journal or an article in a digital form. This is a traditional way of content gathering, and it is the most expensive one. The difference is only that in this case a digital library would not acquire a physical copy or a certain number of copies, like a traditional library. There are two possibilities: first, a library might get a digital copy of a publication. The library would then place the copy on its server and provide it for use to the registered users. The second possibility is for a digital library to obtain a right of access to the server, where the correspondent information is

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