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Recording is an important function for each and every organization. The most important thing record for any organization is the necessary and basic information of its human resources. Not just that, recording is an elementary thing on an individual level too. One records and stores his emails, documents, work information, photos, music etc. With the improvisation of technology and evolution of various digital techniques, the art of recording has taken a shift. The documents that were earlier stored as heavy paper files and now stored as PDF and word documents and find their places in people’s laptops, pen drives, hard disks and even their mobile phones. The art of digital recording has simplified people’s lives but it too faces certain problems. In the current report, I will be identifying the issues in managing people’s…show more content…
It is not necessary that such digital records are ‘born digital’, meaning they were created using computer technology. Some of the digital records are converted from their original form to the digital form by means such as typing or scanning of the original document. Records that are maintained digitally include resumes, employees’ data, documents, photos, music, e-books, etc. Digital recording has suited people in the modern world really well. It has reduced the burden of managing of heavy files; storing photo albums or music CDs. Digital recording is highly space effective. But, managing these digital records face problems too. Some of these issues have been identified below: a) Storage: The most important aspect for managing digital records is to have enough storage. Usually the basic devices used for digital storage do not have enough space to store heavy files and then it becomes necessary to either transfer the data from one device to another or to look for storage devices with more capacity such as hard drives and usually they incur more

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