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It is a form of art in which a storyteller uses spoken words and paralinguistic features to convey both mental and emotional images to an audience. Storytelling is a cultural and social activity that implies narrating stories, often with ad-libbing or embellishment. It is used as a means of entertainment, education, moral values, etc. The National Storytelling Association defines storytelling as “The art of using language, vocalization, and/or physical movement and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to a specific, live audience.”It mirrors all cultures and is used for “educational, recreational, historic, folkloric, entertainment and therapeutic purposes” (Livo&Rietz, 1986, p.6) 1.1.2. Digital Storytelling: Digital storytelling…show more content…
It is characterised by its capability of creating a cohesive story from a combination of images, audio and text using new technologies. According to Rudnicki (2009), “Many digital storytelling practitioners and educators agree on one essential characteristic of digital storytelling: Technology is secondary to the story…the story is the focus of the digital story not the technology” (p. 36). It is argued that digital storytelling has the same structure as the traditional one but its technological features are one of the elements that differentiate it from the old version. Its presentation, its formats, and the modes of distrusting it that utilise multimedia and digital technologies all contribute to uniqueness of DST and aggrandize its pragmatic dimension (Carmen GregoriSignes, 2007). Handler Miller has provided a list of characteristics of DST in her book entitled “Digital Storytelling: A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment”. She argues that that digital story includes dramatic events and characters which are controlled by artificial intelligence. They are also “interactive” “non-linear” “deeply immersive” “participatory” “navigable” (Handler Miller, 2008,

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